Ex-Fighter Buddy by Kazuhide Ichikawa


Kakutouka no dachi (“Ex-Fighter Buddy”) by Kazuhide Ichikawa, features Shingen, a man who returns home broken. Once upon a time he was a world-renown boxer, but after a career-ending injury and a divorce, he loses everything and crawls back to his hometown, tail between his legs.

One night drunk, he runs into Takuma, an old “friend.” Takuma jokes that Shingen couldn't stay away from him for long, and the ex-fighter can't deny it. Perhaps this is how he reclaims his dignity.

Page Count: 24 pages
Dimensions: 7.17″ x 10.12″
Language: Japanese
Pub Date: May, 2015
Publisher: Ichikawado
Adult Content 18+

Weight .18 lbs