Glow in the Dark MANKO-chan


Did you know Rokudenashiko‘s vagina mascot Manko-chan can also glow in the friggin’ dark! This 3D figurine depicts Manko-chan, the kawaii mascot of controversial Japanese artist Rokudenashiko, who was jailed twice in 2014 on obscenity charges relating to her pussy-inspired 3D artwork. Rokudenashiko is battling the obscenity charges in a landmark court case.

Ms. Manko is an adorable anthropomorphic pussy with a clitoris for a third eye. Rokudenashiko hopes Manko-chan will travel the world helping people see pussy as cute and charming, not something obscene or dirty. Imported directly from the artist!

Dimensions: 3″ x 2.5″ x 1.5″
Material: Vinyl
Made in Japan
Artist: Rokudenashiko

glow in dark mankoglow in dark manko 2glow in dark manko