Priapus by Mentaiko Itto


Internet sensation Mentaiko is finally being published by Gmünder Books! Priapus is his first official English-language graphic novel.

Mentaiko's manga are vividly imaginative, funny, and titillating. His aesthetic is more muscle-twink than gachimuchi, bordering the bishonen of BL/yaoi. His style is effortlessly sharp and his work is always impactful and not for lack of any hard-core action.

From the back cover copy:
Tired of humanity's wicked ways, Zeus, the King of the Gods, has decided that our time is up! He sends Priapus, the God of virility and good harvest, down to Earth to do us in. His mission: to turn every man on Earth gay, thereby removing our means of reproduction, one man at a time.

It'll probably work… right?

This edition collects the first three conquests of Priapus as well as the bonus stories “Gachinko Battle,” “1/4” and “1000 Meters Deep,” with a new afterword by the author.

About the Author: Aside from drawing in the margins of his notebooks, Mentaiko Itto never went to school for art, and never had an art-related job. After he graduated in 2005, while working at a part-time job, he realized he wanted to start illustrating and authoring manga online.

Right-to-left orientation
Page Count: 160 pages
Dimensions: 9.5″ x 6.5″ x .75″
Language: English
Translation: David Murray
Pub Date: April, 2015
Publisher: Bruno Gmünder

Weight 1.2 lbs