What is Obscenity? (Japanese) by Rokudenashiko



The artist known as Rokudenashiko has made a career of lightening up the highly misunderstood vagina by re-appropriating the figurative manko, Japanese for “pussy.” Her journey began years ago when she found herself wondering why people were so scared of the vag. The artist found a calling to develop a refuge for manko, creating the Manko-chan mascot (with a clitoris for a third eye); writing “Deco-Man,” a comic book about Manko-chan; and prototyping consumer merchandise: iPhone cases, Transformer-like pussy figurines, and even an extravagant chande-labia.

In July 2014, Rokudenashiko’s world came crashing down when she was arrested for “distribution of obscene materials.” The obscene material in question: an open source vector file of her vagina sent as a reward to patrons of her successfully crowdfunded pussy-shaped kayak.

“What Is Obscenity” a comic memoir of the artist’s time in jail, and explores the titular question: what is obscenity? Why are the Japanese so afraid of pussy and why are the people who decide what’s appropriate female representation, all old straight men? Rokudenashiko’s take-no-prisoners sense of humor makes an otherwise tragic situation a comical treat and source of inspiration.

Orientation: Right-to-left
Page Count: 168 pages
Dimensions: 8.25″ x 5.9″
Language: Japanese
Pub Date: April, 2015
Publisher: Kinyobi

Weight .83 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 6 x 1 in