Animal Synchronicity 1, 2013by Kazuhide Ichikawa (市川和秀) Animal...

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Animal Synchronicity 1, 2013
by Kazuhide Ichikawa (市川和秀)

Animal Synchronicity 1 represents three big firsts for Kaz. It’s his first kemono (furry) story, his first manga made specifically for digital distribution, and his first to be released concurrently with an English version!

[…] I really wanted to try to distribute my manga digitally. Finally my dream came true. Moreover, this time, it has English version, too.

Also, this is my first Kemono (furries) Manga. It’s sooooooo fun! Though I’ve been in love with Kemono Manga, drawing them by myself, I’d found out how fun it is more! With Kemono, ears and tails can be the tools to express their emotion. It’s a brand new experience for me. Alas, I really wish to have Kemono boyfriends (plural *giggle*). Thanks to the producer of this Manga, Jun Ohkawa, for giving me such an interesting opportunity!

For ¥700 ($6.99 USD) you can download a PDF of the 28-page story from Rainbow Shoppers and feel good about directly supporting a great artist!

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