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AtomicBoyX at Gaijin • Tokyo • Underground conducted a great interview with Gengoroh Tagame (田亀源五郎) about his new mainstream manga series, My Brother’s Husband (弟の夫)! In the interview, Tagame discusses an earlier attempt to create a gay manga story for a mainstream magazine that ended in rejection and disappointment. 

The editor who called me pushed the story to his boss very hard. Finally, his boss, the chief editor of the magazine reject it. But several months ago, they started a new manga about a gay couple by female author who is a best selling Yaoi manga artist in their magazine. I felt I learned many things from this experience, but for now, I’ll keep shut my mouth. Maybe you can imagine feeling.

It’s telling that this (unnamed) magazine decided to pass on Tagame’s proposal but went on to publish a gay story from a female author. BL is such a popular genre that I’m sure from an editor’s perspective, it was a much safer bet to hire an author from that world than even a seasoned gay manga artist like Tagame. Luckily for us, Monthly Action magazine was willing to take a risk on Tagame’s vision! 

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