Bearutus, 2015 Collection of art by Cauro Hige (髭カウロ)130 pages of...

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Bearutus, 2015 
Collection of art by Cauro Hige (髭カウロ)

130 pages of illustrations and an interview with the talented artist. Description:

Cauro Hige is an international Japanese artist based on muscle-oriented and bear-oriented gay cultures. His works have appeared on various media around the world so far, and this is his first solo art book awaited for years. It has 4 chapters, and each shows the details of his creative attitude. The book also tells us his personal history and his inner thoughts through an interview. Cauro himself selected nearly 90 works from his career, and more than 20 are new or unveiled for the first time for this book. Every time you turn over the page, the passion he put into his paintings and the men he created will absolutely fascinate you. The interview is written both in English and Japanese. 

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