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My MASSIVE collection thus far:

• Gengoroh Tagame ‘Rope Bound’ Red T-Shirt

• Jiraiya Beach Towel Ultra Collector’s Package (with hand-screened tote bag & card signed by Jiraiya)

• ‘The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame’ Poster

• ‘The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame’ Limited Edition with Signed Bookplate

• ‘The Demon who Lives in the Tower Keep / Gunji’ by Gengoroh Tagame

• ‘Love Thief’ by Takeshi Matsu

• ‘Hanayuke!’ by Seizoh Ebisubashi

• ‘Bison/Tiger Date’ by Kazuhide Ichikawa

• ‘Riot Squad Boyz’ by Kazuhide Ichikawa

• ‘Scar Face’ by Gai Mizuki

Been racking up quite a few of those MASSIVE insert cards after all my purchases haha and also received a nice hand-written note by Graham Kolbeins himself, which brightened my day when I first got it ^_^ I’m more than happy to support MASSIVE because their company-made products are very exceptional and they give easy access to foreign items that are hard to find anywhere else, so I’ll continue to support them as long as they’re around. In other words: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! XD

♡ Valentine

You’re too kind, Mr. Valentine! <3 <3 <3