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Okinawa slave island - Futoshi

  • [Bara]  Okinawa Slave Island CGs
  • Original title:沖縄スレイブアイランド
  • Name:( Okinawa Slave Island CGs)
  • Author: Fujimoto Gou藤本
  • Author’s Pixiv ID: Toriki Kuuyaとりきくーや
  • Genre: Bara Game

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Tumblr user Captain Muscled put together a bunch of great GIF sets based on Underground Campaign‘s PC game version of Go Fujimoto’s (藤本郷) Okinawa Slave Island (沖縄スレイブアイランド).

While the game was originally released in 2006, Go Fujimoto has since continued the narrative in manga form. Fujimoto recently announced the upcoming release of Okinawa Slave Island 06! Parts 1 and 2 are currently available on the Big Gym Data Market.