Chris Randle has written a thoroughly researched,...

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Chris Randle has written a thoroughly researched, all-encompassing article on Gengoroh Tagame for Hazlitt! “The Erotic Antagonism of Gengoroh Tagame” touches on everything from a young Gengoroh’s first exposure to sexual violence in shonen manga, to Meiji-period conceptions of male-male desire, to Tagame's views on ero-guro. Hint: they’re not what you might think! 

One of the many great moments in Randle’s article comes when Tagame explains the importance of the hero to his work: 

Earlier, after I asked Tagame to elaborate on a comment about the importance of despair to his BDSM vignettes, he mentioned childhood fixations on Shakespearean tragedy and German opera, and added: “I think something they had in common with a lot of Japanese tales is an appreciation of the beauty of destruction, or deterioration. In stories and in eroticism, I’m very particular about heroes, and I’m very concerned with the idea of the hero, but the hero that I fantasize or dream of isn’t somebody who builds nations or brings peoples together, but a person who’s falling apart.”