Cover and excerpts from Kandagawa-kun (神田川くん)28-page doujinshi by...

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Cover and excerpts from Kandagawa-kun (神田川くん)
28-page doujinshi by Inu Yoshi (犬義) 

On March 31st, Inu Yoshi released his new comic, Kandagawa-kun, at a doujinshi festival hosted by the store Mandarake at their “Grand Chaos Osaka” location. I don’t fully understand the festival’s name: 「肉だらけ!!!!! ガ★チンコ武闘会 ~in chaos~」– but the first part before all those exclamation marks means "Full of Meat.“ An appropriate description, since the festival specialized in comics with beefy-bodied gachi-muchi characters.

via Inu Yoshi on Pixiv and Twitter