Cover and excerpts from Minna Yatteru Ka? (みんなヤってるか?),...

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Cover and excerpts from Minna Yatteru Ka? (みんなヤってるか?), 2013
Doujinshi by Takaku Nozomu (高玖のぞむ)

Minna Yatteru Ka? is a new doujinshi by Takaku Nozomu, just released at Comiket 84. In the final image above, the mangaka lists his previous doujinshi that premiered at the last three Comikets. 

Minna Yatteru Ka? is the sequel to Nozomu’s C82 offering, I Stick to the Violent Man (その男狂暴につき), which featured the bearded, ab-muscled character on the right side of Minna’s cover. The delightfully rotund, upside-down sunburnt fellow on the cover’s left side is a new addition to the story, a character that Nozomu describes as “gachidebu" (ガチデブ), a muscle-chub.

Minna Yatteru Ka? is now available from Big Gym

via Takaku Nozomu’s Pixiv