Cover and excerpts from Training Dog (トレーニング・ドッグ), March 2013...

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Cover and excerpts from Training Dog (トレーニング・ドッグ), March 2013 
Manga by Makoto Kai (櫂まこと)

Training Dog is a 256-page story originally serialized in Super SM-Z magazine. Over seven chapters, Makoto Kai tells the tumltuous tale of the college senior pitcher of of a baseball team and his cather– a gachimuchi junior who secretly pines for his senpai. If Training Dog sounds like a simple sweet love story, it isn’t– it’s a twisted tale that goes to some pretty dark places, including torture, incest and train molestation. Kai’s debut book is an aesthetically beautiful, gleefully perverse and consistently surprising work. It’s also an exciting addition to the ongoing lineage of BDSM-themed gay manga.

Training Dog is available at Rainbow ShoppersG-Project,, and Big Gym