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Bon Magazine

ca. 1973 - 1975
by Kuro Haga (波賀九郎)

Gengoroh Tagame (田亀源五郎) highlights the aesthetic impact of Kuro Haga’s photo magazine Bon (梵) in the introduction to his non-fiction book Gay Erotic Art in Japan Vol. 1:

At the time the time around the birth of gay magazines, some male nude picture books were published, and they too had an important role in the history of gay erotic art in Japan. In particular, the work of two photographers. One is Yato Tamotsu, who is known for his personal connection with Mishima Yukio, has left three picture books, Taido (Body, Marshall Arts) Hadaka-matsuri (Naked Festivals) and OTOKO (Male). The other is Haga Kuro, who published many picture books under the name Bon. These artists are most important and should be highly evaluated for both the quality of their work and the influence they had on gay erotic artists of the same generation.