Daddies Garden (ダディーズガーデン), 2013 Doujinshi by Kazuhide Ichikawa...

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Daddies Garden (ダディーズガーデン), 2013 
Doujinshi by Kazuhide Ichikawa (市川和秀) and Satoru Sugajima (菅嶋さとる)

Two fun, sexy tales about older men written by two mangaka “daddies” (おやじ)! Satoru Sugajima weaves a tale of interoffice desire that begins with the boss bound in ropes. Two old friends reunite amidst the snow in Kaz’s contribution, and the reminiscences quickly give way to the deepest of intimacies. Daddies Garden also includes some interesting correspondence between Satoru and Kaz!

10 copies of Daddies Garden are available on MASSIVE! We’ll also have it at our table this weekend at the LA Art Book Fair.