deathanddumb: When wearing something as awesome as this, you...

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When wearing something as awesome as this, you don’t require any other clothing! My wonderful fiancé surprised me with the BEST gift ever! I have wanted this incredible sweater from MASSIVE for ages but I’ve been so piss poor with the move that I’ve just been watching it slowly sell out on their website and worrying it will dissapear before I can afford to buy it. But the beautiful man of my dreams gave me a parcel from New York and inside was the sweatshirt. “Featuring an original illustration by Jiraiya (児雷也), virtuoso of Japanese gay artwork and one of our favorite artists on the planet, the sweatshirt is an ode to gachimuchi (ガチムチ) love.” Its even better in real life and I think its my new favourite thing in the world! There was also the most awesome Jiraiya Beach Towel, but sadly that went before I could get my smutty hands on one. Check out there amazing website and get your very own Jiraiya piece before they all sell out HERE! 

Tim, you’re the best!

Death and Dumb lets it all hang out in his Jiraiya Sweatshirt! Cute duvet cover ;)

P.S. New beach towels are in the cards! Stay tuned.