ebith1969: 【おかず処えびすや宣伝】デジケット様で「西萩慕情・1話」のダウンロード販売が始まりました♪...

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Nishihagi Longing #1 (西萩慕情), 2014 
Digital doujinshi by Seizoh Ebisubashi (戎橋政造)

Ebith’s new 16-page manga, available on Digiket, is a parody of the classic Osaka-based manga series Jarinko Chie (じゃりン子チエ). The mangaka notes that this story is “softer” than his usual erotic fare.

At the beginning of 2014, Ebisubashi broke off from the gay magazine market. Now he’s making manga on his own terms, self-promoting and selling his work directly through Digiket. It’s exciting to witness Ebith’s work evolving without the interference of editors and publishers!