ebith1969: 影なのか汚しなのか、わからなくなってきたぞ。20ページ目、予定より3日ほど遅れている。(いつも通り...

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Seizoh Ebisubashi (戎橋政造) works on page 20 of his new 30-page manga, which is behind schedule, he notes, “as usual.”

Japanese magazines that commission gay manga (including G-menBadi, and Samson) demand a high volume of work from their stable of mangaka in order to offer new content on a monthly basis. Deadlines are inflexible and the competition can be cutthroat, meaning if an artist misses his deadline, it could spell the immediate end of his relationship with a magazine.

As a result, artists who are lucky enough to get a monthly serial commissioned end up drawing hundreds of pages a year. The better an artist performs, the more demanding their schedule becomes. I’ve heard tales of magazine editors sending artists to motel rooms to make them finish their manga in isolation before the print deadline. It’s a rate of production perhaps unparalleled by queer comics anywhere else in the world.