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Tatsuji Okawa

Some biographical information on Tatsuji Okawa from Gengoroh Tagame’s art history book Gay Erotic Art in Japan vol. 1

[…] Okawa must have been born in 1904 or 1905. That is, he was close to 60 years old when his work first appeared in Fuzokukitan. In this memorial, Mamiya [Hiroshi Mamiya, a writer for Fuzokukitan] says his first impression of Okawa was of “a polite and quiet old gentleman.” Okawa lived somewhere in the Kanto area, had a regular whitecollar job, a wife, and children. He would apprently get a hotel room somewhere around Shinjuku, Tokyo in order to draw. It is said that he wished to be a serious painter, though, he had to give it up because his family refused to help him. There is a story that he hired models for his drawings. In the memorial, Mamiya, who was also a photographer, writes he sometimes invited Okawa to observe a photo shooting session. Okawa came happily and sometimes wanted to sketch the models.

I could interview only one person who was acquainted with Okawa. He says Okawa told him that Mishima Yukio asked him to draw a picture of Mishima being tortured. Mishima’s appearance wasn’t close to the type Okawa liked, and Okawa was not happy with his drawing.