Excerpts from “C'mon, Cherry Boy” (初物七十五日), 2013by Kazuhide...

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Excerpts from “C'mon, Cherry Boy” (初物七十五日), 2013
by Kazuhide Ichikawa (市川和秀)
available in G-men #206

from The Lucky Bag of KAZ (Ichikawa’s blog):

My new manga titled “‘CMON, CHERRY BOY (Hatsumono 75 nichi)” is now on the latest issue of Japanese gay magaine, G-men. It’s about a just-married young lad, Takehiro, (soon will become a young dad, too) running away from home after having a fight with his wife.

To cheer him up, his ex-Judo captain (now he is a good friend) took him to a PLACE. Takehiro didn’t know that the place is a gay bath house…..YET.