Excerpts from The Manimal Chronicles (人畜無骸), 2009by Gengoroh...

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Excerpts from The Manimal Chronicles (人畜無骸), 2009
by Gengoroh Tagame (田亀源五郎)

Gengoroh Tagame characterizes The Manimal Chronicles as a “high fantasy” story, a Western set in a world where humans are enslaved by anthropomorphized animals. Kind of like if Sergio Leone made an X-rated, sadomasochistic Planet of the Apes!

Three installments of The Manimal Chronicles were published in the September, October and November 2009 issues of Badi magazine, but the story has yet to be collected in any of Tagame’s anthologies. If possible, Tagame says, he’d like to continue the story– but he acknowledges the world is a little too unique “for ordinary readers of gay magazines." 

What do you think, Tumblr? Would you like to see more of The Manimal Chronicles?