Five Person Room (五人部屋), 2004 by Jiraiya (児雷也) Five Person Room...

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Five Person Room (五人部屋), 2004 
by Jiraiya (児雷也)

Five Person Room is Jiraiya’s first collection from 2004. This 239-page anthology includes 12 short manga and color illustrations originally published in G-men and SM-Z magazines between 1999 and 2003.


“Five Person Room” (五人部屋)
“Festival of the Tatsukobe Temple” (竜首神社例大祭奉納神楽)
“The Smell of Indigo” (藍の匂い)
“Sumo Wrestling Ceremony of Yatsukichi Temple” (八吉神社例大祭奉納相撲)
“Feast of Fishery” (大漁旗ゆれた)
“My Father’s Boyfriend” (親父の恋人)
“Harbor Festival Passion” (港祭天狗岩御縄飾)
“Koi-nyobou” (恋女房)
“Koi-nyobou After That” 恋女房 その後 (描き下ろし) 
“Goro” (五郎)
“Promise” (約束)
“Five Person Room: HARD MIX” (五人部屋 -HARD MIX-)

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