#FREEMANKO for Rokudenashiko!

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Securing safe passage for Rokudenashiko has proved extremely difficult throughout our FREE MANKO tour preparations. This week another obstacle has popped up in our way. For strictly bureaucratic reasons, Rokudenashiko’s Canadian travel visa has been denied. While we’re working to amend this and have not canceled any tour events, with the announcement of her trial verdict and the tour kick off both expected next week it is more important now than ever before to show support for the Japanese manko-artist fighting for gender equality and the liberation of pussies everywhere. Here’s how you can help: spread the word about Rokudenashiko online using the hashtag #FREEMANKO, tweet about her, blog about her, and post photos of yourself wearing the FREE MANKO tee on instagram. When someone asks, “What’s MANKO?” explain to them that it’s Japanese slang for vagina, the representation of which is vital for a gender-equal society that honors and celebrates women’s bodies and sexuality. #FREEMANKO!