Gengoroh Tagame’s Latest and Greatest!!Tagame sensei has been...

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Gengoroh Tagame’s Latest and Greatest!!

Tagame sensei has been B.U.S.Y af. He has several new drops in Japan that you can find in-language direct online and hopefully in the MASSIVE store sooon. 

奴隷調教合宿 (Slave Training Summer Camp): This is a GORGEOUS reissue by Pot Publishing (responsible for similar reissues of “Silver Flower” and “Father and Son in Hell”). These volumes comes in discreet kraft brown slipcases and are updated with e-book editions available at the amazon link above. 

Chapter 25 of My Brother’s Husband (弟の夫): You can pick up the March issue of Gekkan Action now for the latest installment of Tagame’s first all-ages manga. 

And remember:  An omnibus edition of Vol. 1+2 of My Brother’s Husband is COMING OUT IN ENGLISH THIS MAY! We’re debuting at TCAF where Tagame sensei is an International Guest of Honor. ^^/

Flesh Carrot (肉人参) in the April Issue of Badi Magazine. Based on the previews, it looks like time to go to temple, y’all.

*Also Flesh Carrot: dope name for a potential grind-core band. Just sayin.