Hanayuke! (ハナユケ!), 2011 Manga by Seizoh Ebisubashi (戎橋政造)...

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Hanayuke! (ハナユケ!), 2011 
Manga by Seizoh Ebisubashi (戎橋政造)

Hanayuke! is a love story between Kanta and Shuji, two childhood friends who reunite when Kanta returns to their small town after studying in Tokyo. Over the course of the narrative, the friends get to know each other in every way possible. Hanayuke! is an intimate and tender tale with no deficit of hot sex scenes, based on Fuurin Minami’s (南風鈴) novel, The City of Lights and the Hometown of Hot Springs (華の都と湯煙の故郷).

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