Hazlitt’s podcast, The Arcade,includes a wonderful feature on The...

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Hazlitt’s podcast, The Arcade,includes a wonderful feature on The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame this week! The segment starts at 26:10. Here’s one of my favorite moments in the interview, where Tagame talks about overcoming his own kink shame through manga:

My own desires are very dark. Some of them are actually immoral and many of them are anti-social. So that’s first. Naturally, I went through a period, especially in my sexual adolescence, of kind of coming to terms with those dark desires and immoral feelings. Just as a person who’s coming out and coming into their gayness will combat with and deal with issues of homophobia, even just inside themselves, I was dealing with my own form of SM-phobia– the fear of SM-phobia and not being accepted for my BDSM tendencies. This was a time when I had very strong feelings of self-hatred and shame because of those feelings, so I think when my characters get to experience this initiation through BDSM and surpass it, it’s probably some kind of revelation for me as well. 

The Arcade is hosted and produced by the awesome Anshuman Iddamsetty, and the podcast’s logo was designed by the incomparable Michael DeForge (who also did the sound effects lettering for “Standing Ovations” and “Country Doctor” in The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame).