Hoehoekuma (ほえほえくまー), 2014 by Hiko (ヒコ) According to Pixiv’s...

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Hoehoekuma (ほえほえくまー), 2014 
by Hiko (ヒコ)

According to Pixiv’s encyclopedia, “Hoehoekuma” is a Japanese rallying cry of support for Taiwan’s Sunflower Student Movement. The term is a phonetic play on the Taiwanese slogan 退回服貿, meaning “withdraw the service agreement.”

Pixiv artists have been showing their support with images of literal bears (kuma), sunflowers and characters in bear suits. Hiko takes the pun one step further in this lovely political artwork of a gachimuchi (ガチムチ) “bear” barking the slogan with a Taiwanese flag emblazoned on his meaty bicep.