Hyakkan Boogie (ひゃっかんブギ) New Edition, 2015Manga by Kuji Ra...

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Hyakkan Boogie (ひゃっかんブギ) New Edition, 2015
Manga by Kuji Ra (くじら)

Originally serialized over 27 episodes, Kuji Ra’s classic gay manga Hyakkan Boogie was first collected in book form in 2008. Now Bakudan Comics, an imprint of G-men publisher Furukawa Shobou, is re-releasing the sultry tale of college sumo wrestlers in a 350+ page volume coming May 29th, 2015. Pre-order now on G-project or Amazon.co.jp!

Note: “Hyakkan” is a play on the unit of weight measurement “kan” (3.75kg). 100 (hyaku) kan is 375kg, a comically implausible body weight used to describe debu (fat) guys.