I love the funny, thoughtful review of Massive that Shaenon K....

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I love the funny, thoughtful review of Massive that Shaenon K. Garrity’s wrote for the House of 1,000 Manga blog on Anime News Network!

Today in Japan, queer people are slowly coming out of the closet and achieving respect and recognition, especially young people.  But change is slow, and the artists in Massive grew up in an era of secrecy, when finding other gay men, or any media aimed at gay men, was a quiet revolution.  Kazuhide Ichikawa recalls that “there weren’t gay main characters in film and television.  Take Star Wars, for example… Luke Skywalker isn’t gay, but I’d love to see him fall in love with a man.”  As would we all.  Are you listening, J.J. Abrams?