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I’ve explaining about the character in my blog.
Kazuhide Ichikawa (KAZ) blog, http://ichikawado.net/

市川和秀ブログ http://ichikawado.net/

Character design for a new “sword and sorcery” influenced manga by Kazuhide Ichikawa (市川和秀). I’m excited to see where this goes! What if Game of Thrones were gay even gayer?

From KAZ’s blog:

Anyhow, looking at him, all of sudden I realized that, yes, of course, he’s gay (or straight but enjoys having sex with men……..hmmmm?????LOL) without any doubt. It’s all because he’s one of my characters living in my, KAZ’s, world. It is not like to have a fainting wish such as, “Oh I really wish if he were gay”, looking at a character in a game or an anime. He IS gay and he IS the one to save a prince or another knight because he IS KAZ’s character. Q.E.D. 

Tell ‘em KAZ! As a fan and an admirer of the form who can’t draw at all, I can only imagine how much fun it would be to make manga/comics and have the power to create a world of heroic queer characters from scratch. Kudos to all the LGBTQ artists who use their talent to bravely to give life to their most personal dreams and fantasies! <3