Illustration by Go Fujimoto (藤本郷)Flyer for Ueno Cave Located in...

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Illustration by Go Fujimoto (藤本郷)
Flyer for Ueno Cave

Located in Tokyo’s historical Ueno (上野) neighborhood, Uneo Cave is a popular “cruising spot only for GMPD guys! (GMPD ⇒ solidly, muscular, beefy, bear, big body)”

The event advertised by this flyer is called 炎の野郎祭, which means “Fire of Asshole Festival.” Ueno Cave’s blog describes it as a “total horny feast of the ass crack” (総ケツ割れ淫乱洞窟の宴). 

via Japanimation Bears (Go Fujimoto’s website)