Infiltration!! Sneaking into the Man Cave & the Woman’s...

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Infiltration!! Sneaking into the Man Cave & the Woman’s Garden
(潜入!!男の隠れ家&女の園), 2013
by Kumada Poohsuke (熊田 プウ助)

Gay mangaka Kumada Poohsuke snakes his way through the back alleys of gender and sexuality in his newest collection of comic essays, Infiltration!! Sneaking into the Man Cave & the Woman’s Garden.

Poohsuke sent us the above photos of the book and noted that his adventures in Infiltration!! include partying with lesbians, chilling at a cross-dressing lounge and learning how to do his own make-up at beauty school.

In addition, the book’s cover promises the explosive adrenaline of men fighting in medieval armor, advice on cruising for guys at the gym, "bewitching strippers with open legs,“ and a guide to the best homo love hotels. While Poohsuke’s comics are shamelessly sexual, he eschews eroticism in favor of madcap comedy and blunt honesty. With his tremendous wit and insight, Poohsuke elevates the mundane and the perverse alike.

Photos of Poohsuke from his Twitter, @kumadapoohsuke

Infiltration!! Sneaking into the Man Cave & the Woman’s Garden is available on