Introducing MASSIVE F/W 2015!We’re thrilled to announce a new...

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Introducing MASSIVE F/W 2015!

We’re thrilled to announce a new fall/winter collection dedicated to our two original artists, JIRAIYA and GENGOROH TAGAME. Featuring collaborations with MISSION CHINESE FOOD and new media artist TERRELL DAVIS. In stores and online November 15th!

Two years ago, MASSIVE GOODS debuted Jiraiya’s BEST COUPLE. The photo-real (hand-drawn, digitally enhanced) image of two men staring adoringly at each other made waves online and has been adored and adorned by queer and heterosexual fans around the world. According to Jiraiya, the soul mates are named Asakichi and Seiji. They live together in a house that would literally fall apart if they were ever to get in a real fight; that is just how strong they are. According to Jiraiya, Seiji would almost pass for straight but Asakichi is “so enormous he’d gross out most women, and attract only the most adventurous men.” They love to take long aimless drives in their beat up Volvo, and have compatible body mass indexes.

The long-awaited return of Jiraiya’s iconic couple comes in two BOLD, enticing colorways—the classic cloudy blue sky and a psychedelic new magic hour sunset hue! We’ve completely reconstructed the garment body and developed the perfect husky fit with upgraded 60/40 poly-blend fabric, luxury trims, and fits up to 3XL.

MISSION CHINESE FOOD teams up with MASSIVE for a second shirt in tandem with the release of their gorgeous cookbook. Jiraiya’s classic Mission Chinese hunk features front and center, visibly reaching his bliss point with a bowl of the restaurant’s legendary mapo tofu. The new shirt features a background that quite literally *reflects* the sensational decor of the New York restaurant.

Gengoroh Tagame fans rejoice! The master is back with a gorgeous contribution to the collection from his new book, THE CONTRACTS OF THE FALL. Tagame’s latest BDSM-themed manga tells the tale of Genryu, a retired pro wrestler blackmailed into sexual submission. The illustration of a collared, restrained Genryu comes with extra detail (read: denser body hair) especially for MASSIVE, in two colorways: pink and light gray. The Contracts of the Fall debuts in November from Bruno Gmunder Verlag.

MASSIVE is proud to launch their first collaboration with TERRELL DAVIS, an innovative new media artist who has made a name for himself designing 3D-modeled album covers, digital collages, and VR worlds like his virtual art exhibition space, Tensquared Gallery. Davis’s T-shirt features a Jiraiya illustration of a beefy priest (originally commissioned by Japanese male escort service G.G. Group) alongside a bevy of 3D objects paying homage to the Hokkaido-based artist. The resulting T-shirt has the atmosphere of a MASSIVE dreamscape.

Our newly redesigned website debuts November 15th, the same day the F/W collection debuts online and at boutiques like Opening Ceremony and the BASE Superstore in Miami!