It’s almost over.We at MASSIVE are feeling this stress, just like...

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It’s almost over.

We at MASSIVE are feeling this stress, just like you. The stress of this sh*t-for-cunts-sandwich of an election year. It. Is. The. Worst. 

Well, whatever happens on Tuesday (and trust..we understand it could go all different kinds of sideways and upside down), we are hopeful that the worst of it–the anxiety, the stress, even some relationships we may have forsaken to maintain north on our moral compass till our fateful vote–will be over. 

So we’re throwing The Worst Sale, for all orders shipping inside the US. Enter the discount code “finally” at checkout for free domestic shipping on orders over $20. The discount is good till November 11, because we’re pretty sure we’ll need till the weekend to recover from the most 2016 of 2016s.