Japan Loot!

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My friend Howard went to Japan this summer and picked up some great stuff on his trip! Check it out at his Tumblr, madeofmochi.


What do you do when in Japan?

Splurge on sushi, boil yourself in the onsens, admire the scenic views through the Shinkansen  and buy tons of gay mangas and japanese undies and pray that you won’t have to deal with customs opening your luggage.


I bought these at Big Gym (a store that has TONS of Bara and some non bara stuff, but mostly bara) and the fundoshi shop above it. I’ll be having a separate post on my experiences at the Japanese sauna, the hattenbas and cruising spots in the theater!)


Fundoshi! I got a few for my friends and for myself. I kept the colors simple because I didn’t feel like thinking about what would match with what. You can’t go wrong with black, white and blue.

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