Kemono Kemono School (私立けもけも学園), 2014 by Kazuhide Ichikawa (市川和秀)...

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Kemono Kemono School (私立けもけも学園), 2014 
by Kazuhide Ichikawa (市川和秀) 

Raccoons, tigers, and bears, oh my! Kaz’s new doujinshi is a G-rated furry tale for all ages. Kemono Kemono School will be released on October 13th at Kemoket, a furry doujin fest in the Kansai region.

Prolific, interdisciplinary mangaka that he is, Ichikawa will be boothing at two more doujinshi festivals this month: the June-inspired BL festival J.Garden37 on October 19th; and Ossan Paradise (おっさんパラダイス), for those who appreciate older men, on October 25th.