Lilliput (リリパット), 2014 Manga by Tsukasa Matsuzaki (松崎司) Tsukasa...

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Lilliput (リリパット), 2014 
Manga by Tsukasa Matsuzaki (松崎司)

Tsukasa Matsuzaki’s Lilliput tells the tale of Shiro Sakisaka, a 155cm (5'1") teacher whose lifelong height complex fuels the mixture of fear and desire he feels toward new teacher Haruto Kuroki, who towers above him at over 2 meters (6'6") tall.

Published by Takeshobo’s BL-oriented imprint, the Bamboo Comics Qpa Collection (バンブーコミックス Qpaコレクション) on August 16th, 2014. Available on