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Praise Jesus and Jiraiya! I got these on Saturday after taking advantage of Massive’s free shipping over Labor Day Weekend offer. And I’m glad I did.

I’m in love with Caveman Guu!! He’s adorable, funny, and sexy all at once. I would love to see more stories about him and his amazing bear companion, Cavebear Kuu. And if Massive could do me a solid, it would be to put Caveman Guu on a shirt. Or ten shirts.

I may even have to go back for another copy. I’m paranoid that I should have a “Read Copy” and a “Display Only” copy. I’m a collector like that. ;)

Thank you gaymanga for bring us Caveman Guu and I can only pray to the gay manga gods more is in store for the future!

(P.S. And yes, my shirt does say “Superior Pussy”. Shout out to Iggy Azaela!)

Thank you for supporting Jiraiya and MASSIVE! I hope we’ll be able to put out more of Jiraiya’s manga in the future. And, spoiler alert, a Caveman Guu shirt is in the works… stay tuned! ;)