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Rokudenashiko is in the running for a Los Angeles Times Book Prize in the Graphic Novels category, and winners are announced Friday, so look for those updates on our Twitter and Instagram accounts! Twitter: @gaymanga, Instagram: @massivegay.

Nashiko has just cleared another hurdle, taking 2 steps forward and a step back with the Higher Tokyo Courts who announced a verdict earlier this week upholding the Lower Court’s decision: not guilty on the one count of indecent artwork (for the manko dioramas based on 3d and plaster castes of her vulva), and guilty on the count of distribution of obscenity for releasing technical data files of the 3D rendering of her vulva as a reward to crowdfunding participants. Nashiko seems hopeful though. “The Higher Court at least heard what my defense team had to say about defining art projects, whereas the Lower Court didn’t give us a chance to do even that.” The country continues to observe how we parse the boundaries of digital versus compositional art, as Nashiko’s defense team immediately filed an appeal to the guilty conviction and will see the judges in Japan’s Superior Court next, pending a 400k JPY fine. 

Read this fascinating interview and history of obscenity cases in Japan at the Japan Times published Tuesday 4/18. 

Rokudenashiko has cleared another trial hurdle in Tokyo while poised to accept a potential Los Angeles Times Book Prize, this week.