MASSIVE needs you to vote for us!

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MASSIVE needs you to vote for us!:

Hey everybody, 

We hope you’ll bear with the corporate advertising one minute, but your biggest fan is calling in a small click-through favor. 

Massive Goods is applying for a bank grant so that we can finally (FINALLY!) fulfill the many wonderful product ideas and manga imports you have requested and recommended to us. Your vote just helps us get in the running, so there are no guarantees, but if we win, suffice it say we all win! 

The process looks pretty simple from what we can tell: just vote for us by clicking on “VOTE” at the above link, and then tell your friends you did so…if you feel like it…? :B

We can’t tell you how much this grant would mean to us, but I have one hundred thousand awesome reasons. It represents a boat load of awesome new products but more importantly, it helps us get ahead of the hand-to-mouth centipede of debts and stuff. No biggie.