MASSIVE proudly presents Caveman Guu, the first authorized...

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MASSIVE proudly presents Caveman Guu, the first authorized English-language manga translation from the brilliant Japanese gay erotic artist Jiraiya (児雷也)!

Guu is a spiky-haired, powerfully built nomad cruising prehistoric Japan with Cavebear Kuu, his trusty ursine wingman. When Guu discovers that human reproduction can only occur through sex with females, he sets off on a path to make a baby– but his libido has other plans.

Hilarious, sexy and clever, Jiraiya provides a fresh new perspective on historical fiction in erotica. The mangaka’s mastery is on full display here.

Created specifically for an international audience, this is the first publication of Caveman Guu in any language. Caveman Guu will also be included in our forthcoming anthology, Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It, coming October 2014 from Fantagraphics!