Me and My Magical Boyfriends (俺と魔法の恋人), 2004computer gamedrawn by...

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Me and My Magical Boyfriends (俺と魔法の恋人), 2004
computer game
drawn by Go Fujimoto (藤本郷)
written by 
Senga Migiri (旋牙闇霧)

Originally published nine years ago by the Japanese gay eroge (エロゲー) group Underground CampaignMe and My Magical Boyfriends was recently released for free on Senga Migiri’s blogBecause of the application’s age, it may not be compatible with many of today’s devices–but as BaraGamer notes, PCs can run the game in “Windows XP Compatibility” mode.

Here’s how BaraGamer describes the game:

Me and My Magical Boyfriends stars Simba, a magician in training; searching for love. Using the Spellbook of Almagest in hopes of acquiring a boyfriend, he accidentally summons four men from different worlds. With inspections approaching within a month, if Simba doesn’t return them home in time, he may be forced to renounce his magicianship.

You can download it free here!

But that’s not all, what’s so Magical about this release is that now you can mod it to your hearts content!

Me and My Magical Boyfriends Usage Terms:

  • You can use it to make a fan movie.
  • You can modify the game and make fan fiction.
  • You can edit the data to add custom scenes.

If you are going to change the title, you must clearly state the original work “Me and My Magical Boyfriends.” Aside from that, you’re not allowed to profit off of it. This is pretty surprising considering how restrictive Japanese eroge developers are! Well good luck and happy modding!