Men and the Secret of the Waxing Crescent (男達と秘密の十三夜),...

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Men and the Secret of the Waxing Crescent (男達と秘密の十三夜), 2013
Collection of manga by Noda Gaku (NODAガク)

Men and the Secret of the Waxing Crescent* is bursting at the seams with 13 excellent short stories by Noda Gaku from Comic G.G.G-men and Super SM-Z magazines! We currently have two copies for sale in the Japanese Imports section of MASSIVE

* My translation of the title might be a bit off - Rainbow Shoppers translates it as “HUNKS AND SECRET 13 NIGHTS." 十三夜 refers to the waxing crescent moon, but it’s literally "the night of the 13th day of 9th lunar month.”

Update: Sold out! Also, jeryn75 suggests “Couldn’t it be ‘Men and the secret thirteen nights’? There seem to be 13 stories in the book. And 'Otomodachi’ [ed: Otokotachi] is just men in the plural, isn’t it?” Certainly!