Modern Love: 20th Century Japanese Erotic Art is the third in a...

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Modern Love: 20th Century Japanese Erotic Art is the third in a trilogy of exhibitions by the Honolulu Museum of Art exploring Japanese erotic art from shunga woodblock prints of the Edo period to contemporary manga. Modern Love features some of the most impactful erotic images of the 20th Century, including the rope bound kinbaku photography of Nobuyoshi Araki, modern woodblock prints by Masami Teraoka, and manga by many of my personal favorites: Moyoco Anno, ero guro master Suehiro Maruo, BL visionary Est Em, and of course, Gengoroh Tagame. The exhibition also wisely includes some beautiful lesbian-themed yuri manga by Jin Takemiya and Kiriko Nananan. 

Modern Love is open through March 15, 2015 at the Honolulu Museum of Art.