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We’re delighted to announce the “Queer Pin-Ups” playing card set: a sexy deck of 54 cards by LGBTQ cartoonists, including art by Alison Bechdel, Howard Cruse, Gengoroh Tagame, Ariel Schrag, Maurice Vellekoop, Diane DiMassa, Robert Kirby, Cristy C. Road, Eric Orner, Carrie McNinch and lots, lots more!

(See more cards on the product page at Northwest Press.)

This is a limited edition fundraising item for the Queers & Comics LGBTQ cartoonists’ conference in May 2015, presented by CLAGS: The Center for LGBTQ Studies at The Graduate Center, CUNY, NYC.

Edited by Jennifer Camper, Designed by Craig Bostick.

All art donated by the artists:

  • Alison Bechdel (pictured)
  • Craig Bostick
  • Paige Braddock
  • Tony Breed
  • Jennifer Camper
  • Kate Charlesworth
  • Burton Clarke
  • Tyler Cohen
  • Jennifer Cruté
  • David Davenport
  • Mike Diana
  • Diane DiMassa (pictured)
  • Kris Dresen
  • Dylan Edwards
  • Howard Cruse
  • Michael Fahy
  • Tim Fish
  • Ellen Forney
  • Leanne Franson
  • Nicole Georges
  • JD Glass
  • Roberta Gregory
  • Justin Hall
  • Becky Hawkins
  • Joan Hilty
  • Victor Hodge (pictured)
  • David Hooper
  • Iwao Iwata
  • Soizick Jaffre
  • Gina Kamentsky
  • David Kelly
  • Rupert Kinnard
  • Robert Kirby
  • Elisha Lim (pictured)
  • Ed Luce (pictured)
  • Jon Macy
  • MariNaomi
  • Carrie McNinch
  • Annie Murphy
  • L. Nichols
  • Eric Orner
  • Carlo Quispe
  • Cristy C. Road
  • Bill Roundy
  • Ariel Schrag
  • Sina Shamsavari
  • David Shenton
  • Christa Smith
  • A.K. Summers
  • Gengoroh Tagame (pictured)
  • Rica Takashima
  • Robert Triptow
  • Ivan Velez, Jr.
  • Maurice Vellekoop

Queer Pin-Ups playing cards put together by an amazingly talented group of artists, produced by the great Northwest Press. Gengoroh Tagame’s artwork adorns the ace of clubs! I can’t wait for the Queers & Comics conference in May. It’s the same weekend as TCAF, but we’re planning to hit up both events!