Opening Ceremony’s Dana Melanz interviews MASSIVE’s Graham...

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Opening Ceremony’s Dana Melanz interviews MASSIVE’s Graham Kolbeins and Anne ishii as well as Jiraiya (児雷也) in their blog feature “New-to-OC Brand MASSIVE on Husky Gay Asian Erotica”! Jiraiya discusses gay life in Japan and sheds some insight on the “best couple,” Asakichi (朝吉) and Seiji (清次) who appear on his sweatshirt:

Just for fun, I asked Jiraiya what a date would be like between the two men featured on his sweatshirt. He replied, “I wouldn’t want these two to ever go on a so-called ‘normal’ date. I picture them traveling in a beat up, dirty vehicle––destination unknown.”

OC’s post also includes a portrait I took of Jiraiya when we were visiting him in Sapporo. It’s part of our upcoming book, Massive: Gay Erotica Manga and the Men Who Make It!