Prints from Bear Hunting, 1993 Self-published collection of...

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Prints from Bear Hunting, 1993 
Self-published collection of prints 
by Gengoroh Tagame (田亀源五郎)

Photographed from the collection of the Tom of Finland Foundation.

The Tom of Finland Foundation in Los Angeles maintains an extensive archive of erotic art from around the world. They generously allowed me to photograph the works of Gengoroh Tagame and other Japanese gay artists in their collection, and I’ll be sharing them here on Gay Manga! 

Bear Hunting is one of Gengoroh Tagame’s earliest works, self-published to celebrate the completion of Naburi-mono (嬲り者), Tagame’s first full-length book. From an e-mail exchange with Tagame:

I also sent [Bear Hunting] to Drummer magazine, and a few drawings from them were used as illustrations for a novel in the magazine (someone wrote a story based on them). I sold Bear Hunting only through a personal ad in the gay magazine Sabu.