reminiscence, 2015 Doujinshi by Takeshi Matsu (松武) and Tsukasa...

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reminiscence, 2015 
Doujinshi by Takeshi Matsu (松武) and Tsukasa Matsuzaki (松崎司)

The new 28-page collaboration between Matsu and Matsuzaki debuts at Comiket 88 on August 15th! reminiscence includes two simmering summer stories: “Yamakowa” (やまこわ), set in a mountain stream camp, and “Sea Beast” (海のビースト), a sequel to their classic manga “My Beast,” about a huge wrestler with beastly fangs and his happy, horny neighbor. 

Pre-order reminiscence at Rainbow Shoppers or Toranoana

Thanks for the head’s up, djnovak8706 and bara-detectives! <3