Sanba no Karasu: Extra Large Portion (三羽のカラス 特盛り), 2012Collection...

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Sanba no Karasu: Extra Large Portion (三羽のカラス 特盛り), 2012
Collection of manga by Jiraiya (児雷也)

The original Sanba no Karasu, released in 2009, collected 8 instant-classic short comics by Jiraiya. The “Extra Large Portion” adds 7 new stories and enlargens the book from the B6 printing size to A5 (5.8" x 8.27").

I originally ordered 2 copies for the MASSIVE store, thinking I’d sell both since I already have the first edition of Sanba no Karasu on my bookshelf. After one look at the additional content, however, there was no way I could ever part with this beautiful book. 

So there is one copy of Sanba no Karasu: Extra Large Portion available in MASSIVE’s Japanese Imports section. Update: Sold!