Scrum of Men (男たちのスクラム) , 2013 Doujinshi by Moritake (モリタケ)...

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Scrum of Men (男たちのスクラム) , 2013 
Doujinshi by Moritake (モリタケ)

Moritake’s 45-page full color doujinshi for Comiket 85 is titled Scrum of Men on its cover, but I also like some of the alternate titles he gave it on Pixiv: Rugger Man Orgy Manga (ラガーマン乱交漫画), and Digiket: Gachimuchi Rugby (ガチムチラグビ部). The description on Digiket promises a buffet of gorilla-sized rugby players and a “human pyramid” (人間ピラミッド) of humiliation!